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優質無框相製作服務 (Bling Bling閃爍款)
Glittering Frameless Photo (Laminated surface)

A Hong Kong Photo Printing Company, Trail Studio
12 x 8" Glittering Frameless Photo, under environmental lighting.

High quality giclee-printed photo, laminated and mounted on MDF board, with glittering surface, most suitable for romantic/love theme portraits.

Product feature

1. High quality giclee-printing to produce high resolution, realistic and lightfast images.

Wedding Photo Printing Service Hong Kong

2. Above: glittering effect under strong/directional lighting (e.g. spot light), well suited for romantic/ love theme portraits.

3. The gilttering finish should not cause adverse effect to image quality, and is not pronounced under normal environmental lighting.

3. Recommended as budget production for wedding photos, amateur photography, as home or office decorations that don't need to last lifelong.

Output type: Glittering Frameless Photo

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Code Marked size Means of display Fee
3:2 Image Aspect Ratio
BB01 30 x 20" wall-hanging HK$ 720
BB02 18 x 12" wall-hanging HK$ 420
BB03 12 x 8" table-top HK$ 320
4:3 Image Aspect Ratio
BB11 24 x 18" wall-hanging HK$ 680

English Inch(") is the traditional photo-measuring unit. 1"=2.54cm.

Recommended resolution bottom line is 72dpi, higher is always better.

Not available for sizes other than those listed above.

Print aspect ratio should conform to file aspect ratio, otherwise cropping will be required, and may harm photo composition.

Important Note
1. Glittering film laminated surface, sizes only available as listed above.

2. Actual size is slightly smaller than the marked size which refers to the size of the freshly-printed photo paper, the paper border(aka bleeding area) will then be trimmed away during the board-mounting process.

3. The thickness of the product is approx. 1cm, and with black sides.

4. The image surface is water & scratch resistant, but the sharp edges and corners offers weaker protection, gently clean the proudct with a dry cloth outwards from the centre when necessary.

5. Some other "canvas-photos" are indeed laminated photos (with mimicked canvas texture), therefore their prices are comparable to our laminated photos, but much cheaper than our true art canvas.

6. This is a high quality production comparing to common dye-ink/solvent printed products. For our own highest quality productions, please check out "fine art grade productions".

Price List About   Showcase Order

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