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Professional Large-format Photo / Fine Art Printing
email-order only, usually response in 1-2 working days
Located near Wan Chai MTR startion
Appointment required for shop visit / product collection


Professional Photo Printing Service and Framing Service

High Quality Photo Paper, Fine Art Paper Printing & Fine Art Canvas Printing Service, HK

Trail Studio is a professional photo printing company in Hong Kong. More accurately speaking, we are the very few fine-art giclee printing specialists here, capable for high quality, large format photo prints and canvas prints.

We understand that a digital image is chosen to be printed and framed because it represents one's most precious memory, or it is one's most favorite art piece, therefore a quality output is essential in truly expressing the important image. Our photo-holic motivates us to establish our own workshop to provide professional services to customers of the same belief.

Our photo printing / art printing customers ranged from International organizations to individual photography enthusiasts for all sorts of purpose, such as high-end business decorations, business souvenirs, artwork reproduction, wedding canvas prints and home-decro etc.
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Price List (Chinese with English Caption)

High-end fine art grade productions:

Professional Photo Output Professional Photo Output Canvas Printing Service HK

Professional Photo Output Professional Photo Printing Service Giclee Printing Service, Hong Kong
Wedding Canvas
Hahnemühle Fine Art
Harman Fine Art

Professional Photo Output Giclee Photo Prints
Woodblock Photo

High quality productions:

Large Photo Printing, Hong Kong Professional Photo Printing Service HK Professional Photo Service HK
Framed Photo
Framless Photo
Bling Bling Photo

Professional Photo Output Professional Photo Output Professional Photo Output
Bright White Fine Art Paper
Sizes for Ikea Frames

Professional Photo Output  
Economical ExhibitionPhoto

Contact us:
General enquiry / technical support: 2877 6681
Shop visit / appointment: 2185 6050
Shop Location (for sample showcase / product collection only, by appointment):
5/F, 167-169 Hennessy Road, Wan Chai, Hong Kong.
Shop Business hours: Tue-Thur & Sat 10am-5pm; Fri 10am-8:30pm; Closed on Sun, Mon and public holidays.

Order by email ONLY, usually response in 1-2 working days. Approximate production lead-time (working days) print-only: 7-10 ; printing with framing 15-20, may vary due to the high-end, handicraft nature of our productions. we do not generally take urgent orders.

To enquire / order:
1. EMAIL us at [email protected]:
a. Your name/company name and phone number (COMPULSORY* ).
b. Output type & image size, and additional instructions if any.
c. File ( jpg / tif within 25MB), or a link to your own cloud drive (google drive/ dropbox).
* COMPULSORY: We will not response to an enquiry with missing phone number.

2. We check the files and email the invoice for your payment
- File(s) will be checked by image specialist, we'll first discuss with you if a technical problem is addressed. (mismatched sizeaspect ratio, insufficient resolution etc.)
- Photo cropping, basic brightness/colour tuning will be provided free of charge if required.
- We will email an invoice for your payment via HSBC/Hang Seng Bank ATM, online banking or cheque deposit machine, send us the transaction proof, then we start the job.

*Our usual response time is 1-2 business days. Please feel free to PHONE us if you didn't receive our email within the mentioned period.

3. Collect the finished product
- We will send you an email notification when the product is ready for your collection.

Delivery fee and arrangement:
- In general, products of sizes within 34x24" (Inch) and of small quantities is to be collected from our shop.
- Delivery service available for orders of HK$1500 and up, delivery fee is location dependent, normally within HK$250-HK$400, please provide address for quotation.
- For large size / high quantities, delivery is compulsory.
- Delivery service available only during weekdays business hours.

- If there is nobody to receive the goods at the appointed delivery period, we will return the goods to our workshop and customer is responsible to pay all extra transportation plus administrative fee.
- We may need a few extra days to arrange for a delivery.

Important Notice:
- We don't provide funeral-use photo output service.
- We won't provide service if copyright infringement is suspected.
- Phone quotation request will not be accommodated.
- Orders are processed first come, first serve. Because of our tailor-made, handicraft business nature, we are usually not able to take an urgent order.
- In rare cases, we promise an urgent order only if it does not harm the schedule of our confirmed jobs, by doing so, our staff will often need to work overtime/on holiday, therefore urgent surcharge applies: +20% of total fee or minimum of HK$200 per photo.
-Photo framing is our giclee-printing bundled service. We don't construct empty frames or frame 3rd party artworks.
- We don't print small size photos unless such size is otherwise specified in our price lists.
- Minimum charge HK$200.
- Shop samples are for general reference only, and may differ from the actual productions without prior notice.
- If there is any inconsistency or ambiguity between the English version and the Chinese version of this homepage, the Chinese version shall prevail.

Basic monitor quality/accuracy test:

色彩校準測試The above chart consists of 14 squares and "TRAIL STUDIO" with slight brightness variation, if you can't see more than 3 squares or letters, it is likely that you monitor's accuracy is off by quite a bit, and is recommended to at least carry out basic brightness-calibration.

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