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Large-format Giclee Printing Service in Hong Kong
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Professional Photo Printing Service and Framing Service

Photo Paper, Fine Art Paper & Canvas Printing in Hong Kong

Trail Studio is a professional photo/art printing company in Hong Kong, capable for making high quality, large format photo/art prints and canvas prints.

We understand that a digital image is chosen to be printed and framed because it represents one's most precious memory, or it is one's most favorite art piece, therefore a quality output is essential for the job. Our photo-holic motivates us to establish our own workshop to provide professional services to customers of the same belief.

Our photo printing / art printing customers ranged from International organizations to individual photography enthusiasts for all sorts of purpose, such as high-end business decorations, business souvenirs, artwork reproduction, wedding canvas prints and home-decro etc.
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Price List (Chinese with English Caption)
High-end fine art grade productions:

Professional Photo Output Professional Photo Output Canvas Printing Service HK

Professional Photo Output Professional Photo Printing Service Giclee Printing Service, Hong Kong
Wedding Canvas
Hahnemühle Fine Art
Harman Fine Art

Professional Photo Output Giclee Photo Prints
Woodblock Photo

High quality productions: (Economical options)
Large Photo Printing, Hong Kong Professional Photo Printing Service HK Professional Photo Service HK
Framed Photo
Framless Photo
Bling Bling Photo

Professional Photo Output Professional Photo Output Professional Photo Output
Bright White FineArtPaper
Sizes for Ikea Frames

Professional Photo Output  

Important Notice:
1. We don't provide funeral-use photo output service.
2. We won't provide service if copyright infringement is suspected.
3. We do not print small sizes or frame 3rd party artworks.
4. The chance of damaging a large size/delicate art piece using standard courier services is exceptionally high, do not use courier services for the collection of our products.
5. Samples are for general reference only, and may differ from the actual productions without prior notice.
6. If there is any inconsistency or ambiguity between the English version and the Chinese version of this homepage, the Chinese version shall prevail.

Basic monitor quality/accuracy test:

色彩校準測試The above chart consists of 14 squares and "TRAIL STUDIO" with slight brightness variation, if you can't see more than 3 squares or letters, it is likely that you monitor's accuracy is off by quite a bit, and is recommended to carry out some basic brightness-calibration.

About Us Order Project Showcase 中文

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