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優質大相製作服務 (啞面裱膜相)
Photo Printing Service - Laminated Photo with Photo Frame

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Framed giclee-printed photo paper, with laminated matt surface. The true identity of some other "canvas-photos" are indeed laminated photos (with mimicked canvas texture), thus their prices are comparable with our laminated photos (this type) but much cheaper than our true fine art canvas.

Product feature
1. A giclee-print product,with much better image quality and is more long lasting, comparing to common dye-ink/solvent-print products.

2. Laminated matt surface. Without glass pane, it is light weight and suitable for uses when safety is a great concern.

3. Recommended as budget production for wedding photos, amateur photography, as home or office decorations that don't need to last lifelong.

Output type: Framed Laminated Photo

FB/FW series Photo Frame Selections

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Image Size (Inch)
Production Fee
    FB-series Picture Frame FW-series Picture Frame
3:2 Image Aspect Ratio
FP01 36" x 24"(Largest) HK$ 1295 HK$ 1639
FP02 30" x 20" HK$ 899 HK$ 1200
FP03 27" x 18" HK$ 845 HK$ 1086
FP04 24" x 16" HK$ 797 HK$ 984
FP05 21" x 14" HK$ 755 HK$ 894
FP06 18" x 12" HK$ 717 HK$ 816
FP07 15" x 10" HK$ 610 N/A
FP08 12" x 8" HK$ 437 N/A
4:3 Image Aspect Ratio
FP11 32" x 24"(Largest) HK$ 1228 HK$ 1543
FP12 28" x 21" HK$ 1102 HK$ 1363
FP13 26.67" x 20" HK$ 871 HK$ 1140
FP14 24" x 18" HK$ 820 HK$ 1032
FP15 20" x 15" HK$ 757 HK$ 900
FP16 16" x 12" HK$ 705 N/A
FP17 12" x 9" HK$ 476 N/A

Production fee for other sizes is the same as the closest but larger size as listed.

High surcharge applies for adding/using white border surrounding an image for this production and is thus no recommended.

English Inch(") is the traditional measuring unit for photos. 1"=2.54cm.

Recommended resolution bottom line is 72dpi, higher is always better.

Print aspect ratio should conform to file aspect ratio, otherwise cropping will be required, which may harm photo composition.

When framing a print, image edges will be covered by the frame, therefore the viewable size of the image will be smaller than the marked/original size.

Product size is larger than image size, by approximately 1" for FB-series / 2-4" for FW-series picture frames.

Important Note
1. Lamination protects a printed surface from mechanical damage, but it is the printing technology that affects the image quality and longevity most, therefore some dye-ink laminated photo can be cheaper, but inferior in quality and longevity than our giclee-print laminated photo.

2. Small-scale photo shops often out-source large-format printing to 3rd parties and mark-up for profit, therefore quality is less guaranteed and with higher risk of file/copyright leakage.

3. This is a high quality production comparing to common dye-ink/solvent printed products. For our own highest quality productions, please check out "fine art grade productions".

Price List About   Showcase Order

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