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About Trail Studio

Trail Studio Photo Printing Service Hong Kong Trail Studio Photo Printing Service Hong Kong Trail Studio Photo Printing Service Hong Kong Trail Studio Photo Printing Service Hong Kong

Trail Studio is one of the very few fine art printing specialists in Hong Kong, specialized in making lifelike, color-accurate and long-lasting large format photo prints, fine art prints and canvas prints.

We understand that a digital image or artwork is chosen to be printed and framed because it represents one's precious memory, or it is one's favorite art piece, therefore a quality output is essential. Our photo-holic motivates us to establish our own workshop to provide professional services to customers of the same belief.

Our photo printing/fine art printing customers ranged from International organizations to individual photography enthusiasts for all sorts of purpose, such as high-end business decorations, business souvenirs, artwork duplication, wedding canvas prints and home-decor etc.

* TRIVIA about large photo printing: Many small-scale daily-life photo shops outsource large-format printing and markup, thus quality is less guaranteed and with high risk of file/privacy leakage.

Registered charity organizations may enjoy discount/sponsorship for high quantity orders, contact us for details.

General Information

1 email-order only, refer to pricelist for available product types. All prices are fixed prices, quantity-discount not available because of our handicraft-production nature.
2 We do not print small sizes (<8x12"), construct empty frames or frame outside-artworks. Framing is exclusive to our print-service customers.
3 To get a quote of special-sizes, please follow our standard email-order procedure and provide all required information
4 Perfunctory/vague quotation requests without refering to pricelist / providing contact phone no. will be filtered as SPAM
5 Click here for FAQ
6 Click here for our general contact information

Important Notice, Terms and Conditions

We don't provide service for funeral-use/ sensitive-topic/ pornography/ if copyright infringement or legality is suspected.
CLICK HERE for our "Important Notice, Terms and Conditions"

Basic check of display accuracy色彩校準測試
Above shows 3 groups of 5 squares with slightly different brightness. If your monitor is unable to define 3+ squares, the brightness/ contrast setting is likely quite inaccurate, consider to adjust it. Google "color management" for more information.

Price List About FAQ Showcase Order

Trail Studio Facebook Ming Lau Photography Blogger Chinese

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