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Photo Printing Service(Professional Photo Paper) for Ikea Photo Frame

Click to enlarge. Reflection may be noticeable on some examples, it is normal that a bare-print is slightly curled.

Photo printing on German-made professional giclee-print photo paper, with stunning print-quality, in Ikea picture frame sizes for DIY framing.

Product feature
1. High resolution, high color accuracy and wide gamut to produce realistic and lightfast images.

2. Satin (luster/semi-glossy) finish.

Important Note
1. Ikea frames usually do not conform to common 3:2/4:3 photo aspect ratios. You have to crop your file to fit the frame aspect-ratio, image editing knowledge required. Click here to learn more.

2. If there is only one print/one size of min.30x40cm, we can retain the original file aspect-ratio by printing the image smaller than the paper, and let the white border balance out minor aspect-ratio mismatch (see examples at the top), the mount (if included) cannot be used.

3. This paper and our "Professional Satin Photo Paper" is the same paper with the same pricing. Cost difference between professional framing services and DIY framing makes this more economical.

4. HK is a humid place, large photo paper may look a bit wavy after absorbing air moisture if not entirely mounted(adhered) onto a backing. Matt FINE ART PAPER is recommended over it if you don't want to/can't entirely mount the print, but also don't like a wavy surface.

5. DIY-mounting the photo onto the frame backing or a cardboard using 3M Scotch #665 "photo-safe" double-side tape (bought separately in large stationery stores) may make it flat. The result is skill-dependent, do it at your own risk. Don't use common double-side tapes.

6. To nicely frame a delicate large print is much harder than people might think, and sizes of Ikea frames are limited. Consider switching to our professional photo printing with framing service to save your effort, assure correct aspect-ratio and professional result.

Product Type: Professional Photo Paper For Ikea Frame
Frame not included. We have no Affiliation with Ikea.

Email Order

Code Image Size/Paper Size Aspect Ratio Printing Fee
IP01 70 x 100cm 7:10 HK$ 1100
IP02 61 x 91cm 61:91 HK$ 855
IP03 50 x 70cm 5:7 HK$ 628
IP04 40 x 50cm 4:5 HK$ 462
IP05 30 x 40cm 3:4 HK$ 371

Small-sizes (minimum charge HK$300)

Code Image Size/Paper Size Aspect Ratio Printing Fee
IP06 21 x 30cm 7:10 HK$ 160
IP07 13 x 18cm 13:18 HK$ 95

We do not normally offer sizes <8x12" because giclee-print small sizes is not cost efficient. We offer it here because some customers will display large and small photos (in Ikea frames) together and want to unify the tactile quality & print quality.

We charge these small sizes with no profit at all but just to cover the high-cost of giclee-printing, therefore they are available only when bundled with larger sizes or with minimum charge of HK$300.

Borderless printing for this output type, if there's no aspect-ratio mismatch.

CLICK HERE for FAQ (file requirment & knowledge)

Price List About FAQ Showcase Order

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