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Desktop Woodblock Photo

Photo Gift Idea

Woodblock mounted photo/artwork placed on mini-tripod to produce an unique and artistic presentation.

Besides photography, it is also suitable for fine art / painting duplication.

Photo Gift Idea Photo Gift Idea
Portrait / Landscape position (both 3:2 image aspect ratio)

Output type: Desktop Woodblock Photo
This production includs 1 woodblock photo and 1 Mini-tripod.

Email Order

Woodblock Size
Image Size
Production Fee
WB01 22x15cm
3:2 - 18x12cm
4:3 - 16x12cm
HK$ 340
Recommended resolution bottom line is 120dpi, higher is always better.
Whatsapp/facebook images generally produce decent resolution on this item.

Photo Gift Idea Photo Gift IdeaSpeical-Offer: $110 for an additional photo for WB01, i.e.$450 for 2photos with 1mini-tripod (2 files required). You may easily switch both photos, just store one behind the other. 1 special-offer per WB01.
(the Rotring600 clutch pencil is for size reference only)

Important Note:

1 Only one size available, suitable for 3:2/4:3 aspect-ratio only
2 There will be unprinted white border/area surrounding the image (as shown). For 4:3 images, white area at both ends will be wider
3 One roll of short sentence can be added at the bottom white border, such as date, place or greetings etc. (available font: Arial/Times New Roman, natural grey in color, size and spacing to be decided by us, pre-print preview unavailable)
4 Free color/brightness adjustment upon request. (pre-print preview unavailable)
5 Image surface is lamination-protected and is decently scratch, fade and water-resistant. Do treat it as paper product and handle with care in order to (greatly) prolong its life-span.
6 If you decide to DIY your own gift-wrap, protect the printed surface from rubbing against the packing or contacting other hard objects. place the mini-tripod at the back.

Price List About   Showcase Order

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