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Fine Art Bright White / Natural 藝術紙價目表
"Fine Art Nright White" / "Fine Art Natural" Giclee Printing Service

Photo Printing, Giclee Printing Hong KongPaper texture. Left: Fine Art Velvet. Right:Fine Art Bright White
Effect may differ under different lighting directions/ conditions. Click to enlarge.

Giclee-printing on fine art paper is a dedicate printing technology highly apperciated by the worldwide high-end art/photography market, with its high operation cost and high level of technical expertise, Trail Studio is one of the very few specialists in Hong Kong.

Like traditional fine art media, giclee-print fine art papers are commonly made of cotton/alpha-cellulose, these costly but natural and long-lasting materials allow the printouts to be archival-safe, with great tactile quality, look more artistic, unique and elegant than common photo papers.

Product Feature
1. U.S. made, economical, all cotton fine art papers, with base-color as the key difference between the two. We will give suggestions based on your image, if the particular paper is not specified.

2. Fine Art Bright White: Matt finish, bright-white base color, extra heavy-weight and slightly textured.

3. Fine Art Natural: Matt finish, natural-white base color, heavy-weight and slightly textured.

4. An extra 0.5" white border will be added outside of the image(free of charge) as our general practice, for framing traditionally with passe-partout. For borderless printing, please specify when placing order.

5. In humid places like HK, large photo papers may look a bit wavy after absorbing air moisture if not entirely mounted(adhered) onto a backing. FINE ART PAPER is recommended over it if you don't want to/can't entirely mount the print, but don't care for a wavy surface.

6. Recommended for general-topic photography, education use, painting/artwork duplication, and as bundled printout in commercial photography packages.

Important Note
1. Many small-scale photo shops out-source large-format printing to 3rd parties and mark-up for profit, therefore quality is less guaranteed and with higher risk of file/copyright leakage.

2. Print-only and printing w/framing both welcomed, but a large-size bare-print is very delicate, having us frame it in-house under the same roof assures final quality, also saves your time and effort.

3. As our second-tier fine art papers, their weaknesses are a bit lack of punch in very dark-tones, strictly-speaking not recommended for: black & white and low-key photos. For top-quality printouts, we recommend "Hahnemuhle".

Output type: Fine Art Bright White / Natural
Print-only fee. Framing is optional and separately charged.

Corresponding Framing Fee

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Image Size
(English Inch)
Printing Fee
3:2 Image Aspect Ratio
BN01 30" x 20" $ 585  
BN02 27" x 18" $ 513  
BN03 24" x 16" $ 447  
BN04 21" x 14" $ 388  
BN05 18" x 12" $ 336  
BN06 15" x 10" $ 291  
4:3 Image Aspect Ratio
BN11 28" x 21" $ 577  
BN12 24" x 18" $ 478  
BN13 20" x 15" $ 392  
BN14 16" x 12" $ 320  
1:1 Image Aspect Ratio
BN21 20" x 20" $ 482  
BN22 16" x 16" $ 383  
BN23 12" x 12" $ 303  
2:1 Image Aspect Ratio
BN31 36" x 18" $ 662  
BN32 30" x 15" $ 530  
BN33 24" x 12" $ 417  
BN34 20" x 10" $ 353  
16:9 Image Aspect Ratio
BN41 32" x 18" $ 611  
BN42 24" x 13.5" $ 447  
BN43 20" x 11.2" $ 379  
BN44 16" x 9" $ 309  

English Inch(") is the traditional photo-measuring unit. 1"=2.54cm.

Recommended resolution bottom line is 72dpi, higher is always better.

Not available for sizes larger/smaller than those listed above, according to the corresponding aspect ratios.

Print aspect ratio should conform to file aspect ratio, otherwise cropping will be required, and may harm photo composition.

When framing a print, edges may be trimmed, or covered by other components, therefore the viewable/actual image size may be smaller than the marked size.

Price List About   Showcase Order

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