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Giclee Printing藝術油畫相連油畫框製作服務價目表
Fine Art Canvas Photo Printing Service (Giclee Printing with Framing)

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Giclee-printing is a dedicate fine art printing technology, and is highly apperciated by the worldwide high-end art/photography market, with its high operation cost and high level of technical expertise, Trail Studio is one of the very few specialists in Hong Kong.

Different from other common canvas printing (canvas photo) services, our framed canvases are giclee-printed, protected with museum-grade varnish against scratching, moisture and decoloration, finely wrapped on custom-made canvas stretcher* and then framed, and are ideal for long term, lifelike display of your beloved images or artworks.

Those so-call "fine art canvas prints" but equivocate on the technical term "Giclee-printing", are very likely exaggerated cheap advertisement-grade printings (UV/Solvent-print), with subpar quality for fine art/photography purpose.

Take 30x20" as example, those with a few days production lead-time, charges only a few hundred HKD, and dare to courier-deliver (high risk of damage), are no way true giclee-print canvases.

If an economical large photo production option is prefered, consider our "Framed Laminated Photo".

Product type: Framed Fine Art Canvas

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Frame Selections (FB/FW-series)

Image Size (Inch)
Production Fee
    FB-series Picture Frame FW-series Picture Frame
3:2 aspect ratio (common for DSLRs)
F01 48" x 32"(Largest) HK$ 4766 HK$ 5365
F02 36" x 24" HK$ 2395 HK$ 2693
F03 30" x 20" HK$ 1929 HK$ 2189
F04 27" x 18" HK$ 1723 HK$ 1964
F05 24" x 16" HK$ 1535 N/A
F06 21" x 14" HK$ 1365 N/A
F07 18" x 12" HK$ 1213 N/A
4:3 aspect ratio (common for mobile phones, compact DCs)
F11 42.67"x32"(Largest) HK$ 4478 HK$ 5053
F12 32" x 24" HK$ 2223 HK$ 2506
F13 28" x 21" HK$ 1904 HK$ 2160
F14 26.67" x 20" HK$ 1818 HK$ 2067
F15 24" x 18" HK$ 1621 HK$ 1851
F16 20" x 15" HK$ 1374 N/A
F17 16" x 12" HK$ 1163 N/A
1:1 aspect ratio
F21 36" x 36"(Largest) HK$ 4456 HK$ 5027
F22 32" x 32" HK$ 3960 HK$ 4491
F23 30" x 30" HK$ 3729 HK$ 4242
F24 24" x 24" HK$ 1965 HK$ 2225
F25 20" x 20" HK$ 1633 HK$ 1863
F26 15" x 15" HK$ 1286 N/A
2:1 aspect ratio (Panorama)
F31 48" x 24"(Largest) HK$ 4276 HK$ 4847
F32 40" x 20" HK$ 3609 HK$ 4122
F33 36" x 18" HK$ 2151 HK$ 2434
F34 30" x 15" HK$ 1773 HK$ 2022
F35 20" x 10" HK$ 1263 N/A
16:9 aspect ratio (Panorama)
F41 48" x 27"(Largest) HK$ 4521 HK$ 5106
F42 40" x 22.5" HK$ 3818 HK$ 4345
F43 32" x 18" HK$ 2003 HK$ 2271
F44 24" x 13.5" HK$ 1535 N/A
F45 16" x 9" HK$ 1132 N/A

Product size is larger than image size, by approximately 1" for FB-series / 2-4" for FW-series picture frames.

CLICK HERE for FAQ (file requirment & knowledge)

fine art canvas printing and framing service
Small size examples with basic FB-series picture frames:
Black: FB01 / Silver-color: FB02.

Trail Studio Gallery Wrap Canvas - Our Superior Print Quality
(Original Photo: Lantern Carnival, Chinese Valentine's day)

A picture of thread and needle on our giclee-print canvas(click to enlarge). We print needle-sharp details, smooth color gradation and rich color depth at light/dark/highly saturated areas. Common (UV/solvent) canvas are clearly no match for our true fine art canvas.
Please view this example with a color-calibrated monitor, otherwise you may not see the rich color depth/gradation of this example.

Our canvases are woven and of glossy finish. The tiny white spots are flash-light reflections of the woven texture.

Quality can be file dependent, this example is of 600dpi file resolution.

Price List About FAQ Showcase Order

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